Hey! Get to know us.

We've had this lifelong dream of owning an art studio and now that dream is becoming our reality! Our goal is to bring local artists together in a place where all walks of life can be free to express themselves in a fun and creative environment.  

What we offer:

  • Gift Shop- Anything & Everything is for sale! We offer an array of local art, including but not limited to: countless mediums of canvas art (acrylic, oil based, watercolor, charcoal, etc.), wood burned pieces, as well as other handmade goods such as jewelry, woven items, local honey, and much more.                          

  • Workshops- Our workshops are ever changing on a month to month basis so be sure to check out our Monthly Calendar! "The Art Of..." in the title alone has the capacity to fulfill any and all forms of art; be it, the art of painting, the art of jewelry, of make-up, of the human form, it can go on and on endlessly. And we're always open to new workshops so please feel free to contact us should you sprout an idea!                                                                                                                                                                                                 

  • Studio Time- Need somewhere to make your art? We can help! We get it, between family/ spouses/ roommates/ children/ pets and all the above and in the middles, it can be difficult to find space to let your creativity flow without worry. Let us provide you with the space and comfort you desire!    *PRICING- $15 BYO Supplies, $30 to have access to all of our supplies in shop (limitations and restrictions on waste, but never on your blossoming creativity!), & ON TUESDAYS WE OFFER STUDIO TIME AT ONLY $25 (materials included)!!  B.Y.O. still priced at $15 for the session. And yes, this pricing of sessions is for our hours of operations in their entirety! Meaning whether you choose to stay only a few hours or the whole 8 hours we're open!        We also have a singular "private section" for the artist who likes to work in solitude - a quaint and cozy furnished corner space divided by partition walls from the main studio. There is NO additional charge to claim the private space for your session, but it is however on a FIRST COME FIRST SERVE basis!                                                                                                                                

  • Consignment- Looking for somewhere to display and sell you work? Search no further! Contact us or just stop by with your stuff and we as a team can determine the hows and whens (space depending). Inquire within for consignment fee and agreement terms.                                                                                    

  • Private Events- We offer our services and venue for a multitude of private events. Whether it's a birthday, bridal event, group co-worker outing/team building experience, or any kind of celebration for that matter, we can figure out something fun to do! Pricing varies.